Energy Work

In every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

What is Energy Work?

Although thousands of miles and years apart, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic medicine, and Shamanic medicine treat the body as an energy field, unlike conventional medicine which focuses on the anatomical. These healing modalities work with the vital energy force within and around the human body. The Chinese call it chi (qi), Indian medicine refers to it as prana, Native Americans named it the Great Spirit, and the Japanese speak of it as Ki. When this human biofield is disturbed, illness and disease can emerge. According to energy work practitioners, we can heal this imbalance by manipulating and restoring the flow of energy.

As research continues to reveal the benefits on the body’s energy systems, including a stronger immune system and improved mental health and quality of life, more people are giving energy work a try.

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